What is SWOT Analysis Strategy Case Study Assignment Help?

The SWOT analysis method is playing very vital role in the field of business management or making plans in business strategy concepts. It is widely used in making strategy formulation, analysis of competitors and in other occasions where business institutes need it. It helps to summarises many aspects of external and internal structures used in business analysis. This unit is also used in analysing all the strengths and weakness of company. It helps to pool resources and the actions need to manage these resources. It helps to get a stand by understanding the threats which will company face in future. Hence, as this part is playing important role in educational book, so students need SWOT analysis case study assignment help service to get help.

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Critical Analysis of Resource and Value System of GE Power

In this part, we would analyze the capabilities that are used by GE Power to develop its core competencies and to achieve competitive advantages. It is an internal strategic analysis method mainly used to analyze the current state of the organization’s competencies and resources. 

1. Physical resources:

With high investment in innovative and advanced technology, Research and development, a highly skilled and diversified workforce made GE Power the most profitable business. The development in gas and steam turbines which constituting important resource and adding to its infrastructure by allowing it to serve customers around 40 countries. (Subhi P.,2013).


GE leadership competencies have created strategic values and have opened a new market for the company. (Prahalad and Hamel, 1990). In the leadership of Jeff Immelt, motivational leadership and democratic style have led to an innovative culture known as “Imagination of work”. Investors and third parties were given priority, which led to an improvement in customer relationships and loyalty. (Osako,2014).

3. Talent management

Through GE Global Learning commitment to skills training and education to the employees. The talent management approach provides GE Power employees with updated knowledge and functional skills, which increase job satisfaction and a positive attitude towards the company. CEO Welch (1981-2001) introduced incentives programs such as stock options Awards, CEO Awards, and special bonuses to best employees for their contributions. (Ngoie,2014)

4. Technology and Innovation:

Investments in research and development in GE Power


Source: https://notesmatic.com/strategic-analysis-of-general-electric/5

Investing in advanced technological helped GE Power to improve product quality, market access, lower costs, and deliver better service to customers with efficient solutions with strict environmental regulations. It has invested in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technological development and renewable resource management. By expanding market opportunities, and delivering the best customer satisfaction, it can cope with the dynamism and complexities of the business environment. (Pratap,2018)

5. Diversified portfolios:

GE Power’s portfolio includes gas, oil, wind, nuclear reactor, water treatment solutions, aircraft engine derivatives, and water electric power turbine, and related services like water purification systems, pumps for industrial and government purposes. (Pratap, 2018). 

6. Customer care:

Through continuous investment in technical innovations, diversification, and development of products helped GE to penetrate new markets and potential customers. By providing the best solution to his customers as per their needs. (Pratap,2018)

What we cover under SWOT analysis strategy case study assignment help?

With the rapid development of economy, today science and technology is also developing in various aspects. This change had helped to accelerate the globalization and integration of the world economy. It has played important role in competitive advantage, when two companies are in the same field there is competition in both the companies. Hence to identify the estimate of competition in the corporate sector, this SWOT Analysis case study is useful. Every company uses some significant factors to level the weakness and strength of their company also to identify the strong point of a company this SWOT analysis is useful. Hence students need SWOT analysis case study assignment help service to clear their concept related to this field.

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