What is Supply Chain Management Case Study Assignment Help?

There are many processes and management steps involved in business sector. Like that in commerce one topic is supply chain management this is the management of the flow of goods and services. It includes many processes like transformation of raw materials in to finished goods and the locations comes under the transaction all the management comes under supply chain management topic. All the processes are interlinked and connected hence a supply chain manager is very important in this process. Students are getting involved in this topic but due to hardship in supply chain management case study assignment help students are not getting the topic.

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Executive Summary:

The current supply chain of NIKE shoes has been facing a lot of difficulties and failing to cope with the current demand. There are many causes of this disruption, but the main cause identified by market a=intelligence report is the problem in the manufacturing divisions of Vietnam. The country is dealing with a health catastrophe due to steep rise in corona cases and that cause the industry to stop production for some time. However, the nearby countries like India, Bangladesh and Srilanka are successful in dealing with the COVID crisis. The project has been undertaken to modify the current supply chain and shifting some of the manufacturing facilities for the new global challenge. This report presents the six-sigma adoption in supply chain and manufacturing methods and a step wise approach is presented to propose a solution to this. The report presents the project proposal and the control methods for the supply issue.


In sports and athletics clothing and equipment sector, Nike plays a significant role. The firm has evolved significantly since Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman founded the brand in 1962 through a partnership. The company targets the youth population and it delivers the highest quality of product to men and women. As a sports brand it has evolved over the years and established itself as an important sponsor in many sports. Although the brand has been producing different varieties of products, it has created a separate customer base due to its expensive sneakers and sportswear. Through aggressive marketing tactics, new product innovation, and superior product manufacturing, the firm has been able to develop enormously and reach the largest market share in the worldwide market. The company’s turnover has been steadily increasing, resulting in a significant increase in revenue. Over time, the Nike Company has evolved to become the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of sports shoes at every price point. Sports clothes and equipment, as well as other subsidiary business endeavours, account for a major portion of the company’s sales. The company has developed the distribution network over 100 countries in the world and pragmatically developed a strong supply chain.

What comes under supply chain management study assignment help?

This topic is defined as planning and control of supply chain activities with the objective of maintaining harmony in the process. The most important role played by marketing channels as it concerns about risk management in the process of making of products. It is mainly focussing on the approaches made by companies and traditional management of the supply process. There can be addition of more management components in this process as to integrate the business process link. All these topics are well-discussed under our supply chain management case study assignment help service. One most of the important role of supply chain is well-maintained and good-designed finished products.

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