What is Strategic Marketing Management Case Study Assignment Help?

The concept of strategic marketing is the planned process of explaining the company’s business, its mission and goals and also identifying and framing the opportunities of organization. It also helps to formulate the budget and make strategies regarding production and supply. From strategic marketing management case study assignment help website students can get all the information regarding the topic related to strategic management. The most essential role of a strategic marketing manager is to check out the risk factors, data analysis, management at the time of crisis and having critical thinking. The case study related to strategic management helps to create critical thinking and creative thinking to solve any problem.

How our Experts Help in Strategic Marketing Management Case Study Assignment Help?

The best way to show how our experts for strategic marketing management case study assignment help is to check the work done by our expert written for similar type case:

Executive Summary

Blake Sports Apparel and Switch Activewear has recently conducted its 360-degree reviews for which the CEO of the company is sweating over its feedback from its two direct reports and top executives where it is seems that the two of them are not going along well with each other. The two top executives that are at loggerheads for a long time, effectively are the CFO and the Head of sales of the company. The CEO of the company took the reins from his father and in the process set clear objectives of increasing the company’s revenue from $100 million to $500 million. The company is doing well in terms of growth and progress but the issues and challenges that has arised with two of its top executives at loggerheads is putting stress on the CEO and the leadership of the organization. The CEO and other executives thinks that this conflict between their two top executives may derail the company’s growth and will hinder their progress in regards to their accomplishment of the set objectives and goals.

In addition to this, the members of the organization has also reviewed that the CEO has not been leading well the organization and his pupils as they felt that the CEO is focusing more on the bigger picture and leading the team on one-on-one basis instead of shepherding the team towards achievement of the goal. Confusion regarding his own leadership and contemplation over the conflict between two of his direct reports and top executives, the CEO of the company is facing a conundrum in regards to his next step for setting things straight for the organization.

Problems and Issues

In this fictional case, as we have mentioned, the major issue is the conflict between two of the top executives of the company that effectively are the direct reports to the CEO of the focus organization. And this conflict between two top executive is having a bad ripple effect on their teams and the rest of the organization. The two Executives that are in conflict are also happens to be the direct report to the CEO and for that matter, it is having a bigger impact on the organization and its operations. As of now, the organization is doing well in terms of growth but considering the vision of its CEO, to generate revenue of $500 million, the lack of collaboration between its two top executives, CFO and the head of sales, the vision could crumble.

In addition, the company compensation scheme also seems to be not encouraging the employees to collaborate with each other and for that matter, the CEO is contemplating of developing a C-Suite compensation scheme for the top executives so that they can be motivated and encouraged to perform well for the organization and collaborate with each other for avoiding any conflict situation. Another problem is with the organization’s conflict management process which effectively has been in question since it is not been able to resolve the conflict between the CFO and the Head of sales.

Another major problem is with the leadership of the organization where the CEO has not been able to take decisions in regards to the conflict between the employees, to develop executive coaching and training program or to encourage team building activities. Considering the case and the findings, the major problems with the focus organization is its leadership, lack of conflict management problems, inadequate compensation programs and lack of team work.

What we cover under strategic marketing management case study assignment help?

An environment of market develops with the different companies having competition for achieving their goals. Different organization has different strategy to achieve their company’s goal but the motive of every organization is same that is to gain profit. The main objective of strategic marketing management is what the brand wants to get success in their objectives. This strategic management case study assignment help to create sustainable goals, which helps to maintain conventional marketing and it plays important role in getting success. It helps in making better decisions that align your plan with the company’s goal. Strategy helps in developing good relations with other companies for better payments and flow chains.

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