What is Strategic Human Resource Case Study Assignment Help?

Human resource is the very important unit in corporate sector as this field regards to employees. The planning in human resource helps employees to achieve their goals in specific time. It is actually a link between human resource management and the all other strategic plan department of the organization. It mainly focuses on long-term business plans and their outcomes. It helps to evolve the nature of work. It helps to find out the roadmap for solving an organization’s biggest challenges with people centric solutions. The strategic human resource case study assignment help provides all the related information on these topics. As our online assignment help service provide 24/7 hours service to our students.

How our Experts Help in Strategic Human Resource Case Study Assignment Help?

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Job description

The job description phase allows the recruiter to represent the responsibility, role, working hours, salary and other descriptions of a specific job role in front of the candidates. According to Hamza et al. (2021), this phase creates a transparent relation between the candidates and recruiters and reduces the chances of bias during recruitment. Hence, it has been found that in this phase HR of Vodafone shares job requirements among the candidates through social media, and e-mail.

Recruit top tier candidate

After collecting all the applications, in this phase, the HR of Vodafone selects candidates who are actually eligible for the job position. According to Slavic et al. (2017), during the application, many candidates submitted false applications, which created a bias in recruitment. Therefore, to remove the bias, recruiters follow this stage. However, in this stage, the HR of Vodafone selects candidates whose information is perfectly matched with the company’s requirements.


According to Hamza et al. (2021), the contingency HR approach influences HR to divide this phase into several sectors based on the company’s demand, such as technical rounds, situational rounds, personality tests and so on, which helps HR to judge each talent section of an employee. This stage allows HR to select the appropriate skill for the organisation. However, in this phase, Vodafone HR would use three stages, such as personality test, technical test and situational test.

Provide offer letter

This is the last stage of recruitment and selection, where HR provides an offer letter to the candidates and requests to join the workplace on a specific date (Slavic et al. 2017). In the case of Vodafone, with the sharing of offer letters, HR also gives chances to employees to share their thoughts or queries with them.

What comes under Strategic Human Resource study assignment help?

The HR professionals are highly experienced and know how to handle the situation of company. This unit helps to recognise the current and future human resources which needs for an organizations to achieve the goals of the organization. There are four main components of strategic human resource management like it starts with making use of planning and then it goes to designing and management of people the making of policies and workforce strategy and at last bringing out the relationship between HR strategies and other policies which are beneficial for organizational success. The strategic human resource case study assignment help students to understand the in-depth relation of HR and employees in a corporate sector.

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