What is Operation Research Case Study Assignment Help?

Operation research is actually a part of applied mathematics and they use mathematics to solve the problems. It helps business owners to solve the problematic challenges that they face while executing any program. It helps to owners to make decisions in a more informed and effective way. Business is actually the game of mathematics and operation management helps to solve them. This subject also consists of machine-learning and data-science. It is very important to discuss the importance and operation on this topic. Hence students feel anxious while opting this subject but now not to worry as our operation research case study assignment help service is available to help these students.

How our Experts Help in Operation Research Case Study Assignment Help?

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Background of the company

Sainbury’s was established in the year 1869, with a single shop, and has grown considerably over the years. Headquartered in London, UK, the company is currently the second largest supermarket chain in the UK. The company has a market share of 16% in the supermarket sector, in the UK. As of 2020 the revenue of the company was 28.9 billion GBP, and a net income of 152 million GBP. The company also has various subsidiaries such as Sainsbury’s Bank and Sainsbury’s local.

Overview of company’s operations

Sainsbury ensures streamlined customer service processes, and this is ensured by reducing the delivery time and the time taken for new goods to arrive. The employees are provided with significant training with regards to servicing customers. Customer services operations involves improvement in communication strategies. According to Karim et al., (2012), training and effective performance management is prioritized in Sainsbury. Training and performance management can be effective in improvement of the operational aspects of the organization. According to Akter, (2012), reward strategy for the customer service employees is of utmost importance for improving customer service and in turn customer satisfaction.

According to the official website of Sainsbury, their customer service operations motivated by three core facets. These are value, quality, and convenience.

Based on these values, the company ensures various actions to add value to the customers, uphold the quality standards and ensure convenience of the customers. This is done by delivering fresh foods, general merchandise, clothing, and groceries from the suppliers spread across the world. The distribution is done through a total of 33 distribution centres, Sainsbury stores, and online channels. The company meets the needs of the customers through online methods as well and this ensures that company is connected to the customers.

What comes under operation research study assignment help?

This topic encourages business persons to use the analytical tools, these tools helps to make decisions more effective and creative. Firstly operation management has its application in the field of military, later it broadcasts and get effective in the field of business world. It helps in solving problems like data mining, modelling of mathematics and statistical analysis. The most important step of operation research is to make model based on the analytical problem and sort out the most potential solution to overcome with the problem. All these are classified into various steps and our operation research case study assignment help provides all the related problems.

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