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This system of quality controlling helps in maintaining the quality and standard of the testing samples which provides a satisfied outcome. This is actually a set of procedures which the company has to follow for better results. In this unit they think of taking care of all the requirements of client and customers. Quality control is somehow similar to quality assurance but not fully identical to it. The main objective of quality control unit is to enhance the quality of product, gain in production efficiencies and to gain customer’s loyalty. The quality control case study assignment help website helps students to get their best assignment help in any other subject also.

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Quality control project:

Finding connections between variables is a general aim in statistical analysis. You will make objective, data-driven judgments about the processes by using correlation to describe the intensity and course of a linear relationship between two variables and regression to predict how often a dependent variable improves depending on changes to an independent variable. The Scatter Plot is a statistical diagram that shows the relationship between two sets of data by plotting them on an X-Y line. The relationship between the process inputs (x) and the output (y) is measured by correlation (y). It refers to the strength or size of a relationship between two variables. These experiments are used to see if the feedback on the mechanism has a predictive relationship. Correlation and regression techniques are the building block of the prediction of a variable. In automotive ultrasonic sensors, IC module 3132 was introduced on March 10th, and after that, the quality control department has been observing a variation in the signal receptor module. To measure the relationship between these two components, they performed a test for the last ten days and collected data. This is shown below for the ten days test period.

Table 1 Test data of IC installation

DayNumber of IC 3132 installedWave frequency (Hz)

The scatter diagram is first plotted for this data to check the relationship between the IC module and the wave frequency reception. The scatter diagram shows that with an increase in IC modules, the frequency of sound receptors increases rapidly until 11 modules, but after that, the frequency of reception changes in a slow manner. This is alarming for the manufacturing team. To deal with the situation, they need to find the correlation between the two variables and formulate the equation between IC numbers and wave frequency.

Figure 1 Scatter Diagram between IC and Wave Frequency


Using these values, the correlation value (r) calculated is 0.8958. This gives the understanding that there is a strong positive correlation between these two variables. The linear correlation is measured by the “r” ratio, which often ranges from -1.0 (anticorrelation) to +1.0 (correlation). The linear association, or dependency, of the variables, decreases as the value reaches zero. To build the relationship between the IC module and the wave frequency, we need to perform the regression analysis.

What comes under quality control study assignment help?

The primary purpose of quality control case study assignment help service id to serve student with best service. This unit of management helps to perform the service related to quality and storage of product. There are three types of quality control they are process control, product quality control, acceptance sampling and control chart. Each sub-unit has its own performance for the enhancement of the quality of product. The priority of quality unit is to provide best product which satisfies the customers need. Quality assurance is about inspection whether than quality control is about the management done within the process of making of products.

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