What is Project Management Case Study Assignment Help?

Project management is the topic which helps to discuss about the application of skills, knowledge and experience to achieve the target of the company. The main purpose of this unit is to manage and settle down any project successfully to complete the listed goals and deliveries. It helps to manage the upcoming risks and also helps to clear all the communication between consumers and dealers. A good project head is like glue that holds a project together and ensures quality and objectives of the company that are meant on time and on budget. Taking project management case study assignment help will enrich your skill quality and helps in taking better decisions.

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Role of management information systems in strategic goals

The ICT constitutes the technological tools used by the company to convey its management strategies all through the organisation. There are appropriate technologies and methods that a company manager could use to implement its decisions. The integration of ICT into the systems of productions has benefitted operations like information exchange, production control and distributional activities in the company. Companies increase the value of their products by enhancing the process of a supply chain (Han, 2016). The supply chain consists of all the suppliers involved in supplying goods and services to the company. The company then manufactures the final products to sell them to customers. The direct and indirect tasks of such suppliers include procurement, production, distribution etc. This goal set by the supply chain link is achieved by the application of information and communication technology. ICT facilitates the decision-making method of the company. The ICT contains means to covert, store, manipulate and transmit information so that users find it through their computer networks. It also allows users to process the information received and disseminate it with their partners on real time. The high position that IKEA ranks amongst the conglomerates of the world is largely because of the importance given to ICT by them. IKEA customers use the IKEA Store, IKEA website, IKEA catalogue, IKEA place etc. to shop (Bongiorno et al., 2018). The IKEA catalogue uses AI to create three dimensional replicas of a room virtually where the furniture can be moved around. Lately, IKEA acquired the company Task Rabbit to connect their customers with those individuals who would assemble their furniture for them (Cherry, 2019). However, research shows that IKEA needs to take up the initiative of adding new value for those tech savvy customers who are also fond of visiting their departmental stores. The ‘smart store’ is a concept that would help in this situation. It could be implemented by radio frequency identification (RFID) and augmented reality (AR) technology.

Theoretical findings by Cumps et al., (2012), highlight the importance of ICT for the business success and better innovation. They also reflect on the importance of ensuring accuracy in implementation of ICT in business. In case of IKEA, studies indicate that the company has been greatly benefitted by implementation various technological advents and adoption of ICT in their business processes. The customers are able to make effective use of IKEA store, IKEA website, IKEA place and IKEA catalogue, and place orders seamlessly. ICT has become integral to the store operations by IKEA, and the following diagram highlights the manner in which this achieved:

Figure 1: Activity model of customers facilitated by the IKEA store application

The usage of ICT has been extremely effective for IKEA as it has led to substantial innovation within the business, which enables the customers have a good shopping experience. This is essential as ICT capabilities will enable the companies keep up with the competition, increase satisfaction of the staff, improve communication between buyers and sellers, and enhance the supply chains.

What comes under project management case study assignment help?

There are many failed projects comes in a company, it also impacts adversely and derail the initiatives which results in slow growth of the business. Project management is actually the tracking of deadline of the project and setting a budget for the business. A project manager controls over the project from beginning to end and ensure high quality work and goal achievements. Because of complex steps and multiple stakeholders, project management is very important to lead a project and to achieve the desired success. It plays good role in meeting budgets, helps in staying on deadlines, improves quality standards and increases benefits of the company. Taking project management case study assignment help service will lead you with best projects.

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