What is Production Planning and Control Case Study Assignment Help?

Production planning and control is a unit that helps to ensure that all the materials and equipments are available or not which are needed to run a company smoothly. The main element that comes under production planning is routing, scheduling, inspection, loading, dispatching and many more. This unit helps to utilize the available resources and allocate them with the activities of employees. This production planning is made up to serve the different customers with different products. This unit is important to make the process efficient for production range according to customers and organizational needs. The production planning and control case study assignment help is important for students who need on-time delivery of their assignments.

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CHEP is a global renowned brand in pallet manufacturing and it helps in maintaining the supply chain of cargo industry. Currently, the company is facing a supply shortage due to the problem in supply of lumber. CHEP has been producing and innovating its products to help the industry to make it easier for supplying the material in shipping solutions. Therefore, to fight the current challenge, the company is using its innovation team and the project team to start manufacturing the plastic pallets. This report talks about the use of six-sigma methodology and DMAIC technique for the process. An innovative product with equal strength will make the industry to adapt changes according to the requirement of the environment. This report also presents the use of proper methodology of disposal and use of training to avoid failures.


Wooden pallets are one of the most important things in the supply chain solutions. The pallets are usually used as a structural foundation for loaded goods. When the containerization in transportation industry started evolving, the use pallets started. Containerization has boosted the use of different pallets in the shipping and transportation sector. For the easy movement of containers and other loaded devices, pallets are very useful. One important requirement of a pallet is the standardized dimensions, which is required for each type of container and load transportation. As they act as a support for the unit loaded devices, the strength and the load distribution management is most important feature for it. Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP) is a company that manages the use of pallets across the transportation sector all over the world. The company’s inception happened after the world war-II during the industrial revolution when there was a huge need of transportation devices to create smooth supply solutions. During the year zone 1980-91 the company started exploring the different possibilities in container solutions. It started the intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) services in the automotive market in Australia and later transferred the whole business to general industry sector. The company has grown over the years and expanded its business from one country to over 45 countries so far. It employs over 7500 employees all over the world. As wooden pallets are most prevalent in the cargo sector, lumbers are the vital raw material for the pallet production.

What comes under production planning and control study assignment help?

The first step of production planning is routing and it is defined as the process of deciding the rout of work and the planning of operations. Production planning is used for developing a guide which helps to design and production of given products or service. Production planning helps to minimize the lead time that passes between the placing of an order and the completion and delivery of that order. It helps to estimate the demand of product and for weigh production options. The production and control case study assignment help website helps students in on-time delivery with best service to our business students.

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