What is Porter Five Forces Strategy Case Study Assignment Help?

This is a method of analysing the operating environment of competition in the business world. It plays leading role in analysing the estimate of competition in the industry. It shows the threats and strengths that exist within. Also helps to identify the opportunities and understand more about the corporate world. In corporate sector, there are many risks this porter five forces helps to understand the concept of corporate risks. Our porter five forces case study assignment help service experts provide information about what is the current position of the institute or company in the market. They helps to look forward to enhance the position of company.

How our Experts Help in Porter Five Forces Strategy Case Study Assignment Help?

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Strategic Business Theories to Evaluate Strategic Options

Ainuddin (2007) has defined strategic management as

“The process of evaluation, planning, and implementation designed to maintain or improve the business organization’s competitive advantage. In here, the process of evaluation is concerned with the internal and external environments. Planning involves developing business models, corporate direction, competitive tactics, international strategy, acquisitions, and collaborative action. The implementation phase requires leadership to build the appropriate organizational structure, develop management culture, control the strategic processes, and steer the organization through corporate governance” (p.12).

From the definition, it can be said that strategic management systematically analyses various threats and opportunities in terms of the business organization’s weaknesses and strengths and in the process formulating and arriving at varied strategic options through the critical evaluation of the alternatives and effectively implementing the choices to meet the desired objectives of the business organization.

Considering the busienss theories, Marriott International’s high rate of success can effectively be attributed to their customer and quality focus business strategies. It is important to understand that the company has always focused on creating value for its customers either through high quality services or through reasonable pricing of such high-class services. Marriott was the first hotel chain that started online reservations and has different class of hotels for each and every type of customers. The company focused on creating a unique experience for all its guests and also incorporated a unique loyalty program for all its customers. They effectively deployed the integrated differentiation and cost leadership strategy to cater to the needs of its varied customer demands. If we will evaluate this deployed strategy of the Marriott International we will find that these strategies basically focused on customer and quality. And that is one of the main reason behind the success of the company (Jeffs, 2008).

This integrated differentiation and cost leadership strategy of the Marriott International is consistent to the company’s mission, vision and value statement as it is based on customer satisfaction and high quality service. Moreover, this strategy of the organization is valid and feasible for the organization, considering its business environment and all its resources. However, it is important to understand, if the said strategy is flexible or not as per the changing business landscape. In this regards, if we will see the recent acquisition of a premium food chain by the company in the European region, it can be said that the company is also looking to vertically integrate so to be able to be more adaptive in terms of its strategies and for that matter, it can be said that the strategic options of the company are viable for the company in the long run (Bower, 2015).

What we cover under porter five forces strategy case study assignment help?

As the name suggests there are five factors in the field of porter five forces. All the five forces are external forces. That is the reason they play very little role with internal structure of an industry. In the business sector porter five forces are used as macro tool to identify the business analytical system. The most important factor in this porter five forces is to frame workers use this to gain more knowledge in the field of market and helps to make strategies in corporate sector that are likely to be successful. These concepts are playing staple role in institutes to help students. Hence students sometimes get stuck in learning these concepts and need our porter five forces case study assignment help service to enhance their knowledge.

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