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Marketing research is actually an organized group which give efforts to gather information about the target markets and the target customers. It helps to gather information about them like who they are, how they started. This unit is known as an important component of business strategy and is also known for maintaining competitiveness. It helps to determine the viability of any new product or service with the help of research done. The marketing research case study assignment help website is helping a number of students, as many of them wants to pursue career in business sector. Under this the research is done on the basis of product, location, the general economy and many more factors involved.

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The present research will be conducted using data collected from primary sources. This research endeavor will be completed by using an inductive approach whereby the research will begin with observation and culminate in development of theories which will in turn lead to confirmation or rejection of the hypothesis. The collection of the data will be done by interviewing the target population, which will help in gaining qualitative insights. The interview transcripts will then be used for analysis. The underpinning research philosophy for the present research is interpretivism, as this research will involve an interpretation of the observations. The interview method in this case will essentially involve a set of structured questions (Louise Barriball and While 1994). Therefore, the questions will have to be developed prior to the interview process. The sampling process to be followed in this case is simple random sampling which is basically a method of probability sampling. Simple random sampling is a method which is essentially a subset of a statistical population in which each of the members of the subset has an equal probability of being chosen. Simple random sampling enables for the unbiased representation of the group, and therefore this is the method followed in the present case. Structured interview is chosen as this will help in keeping the research within the scope, and this will help in obtaining objective responses. This will make the analysis process much easier and logical, which will help in getting appropriate solutions.

The data collected using interview method will be converted into written transcripts, and this will be done so that the analysis can be made. Since the interview has yielded qualitative data which is subjective in nature, a qualitative analysis method will be employed in this case. There is a range of approaches for qualitative analysis of the data, however, in this case, thematic method will be employed. Thematic method of analysis is an excellent method of analyzing qualitative data such as interview transcripts and enables for finding the main elements of the study. Thematic analysis involves coding the data based on iterations, and refining the coding at each successive stage (Braun and Clarke 2021). This helps in deriving some overarching themes from the qualitative data which has been derived. The various themes which have been identified will help in answering the different research questions. Therefore, this will add to the existing knowledge on the manner in which Instagram influences the desire among women to undergo cosmetic surgery. Qualitative data is being used in this research as qualitative study helps in deriving in depth insights about a given condition (Halcomb 2016). This is often a challenge in case of the quantitative researches as a quantitative study tends to provide an overview of the phenomenon and lacks in depth insights. Therefore, qualitative analysis of the data collected will be a suitable method for the proposed research. In addition, this study will take a systematic approach with clearly distinguished sub parts and stages. A work-breakdown structure shall be developed at later stages with clear delineation of the intended dates by which each of the stages are to be completed.

What comes under marketing research case study assignment help?

There are many topics which come under marketing research but the most important is how marketing research plays important role in business sector. This unit helps marketing management by providing defined information about the product and its launching. It also helps in making relevant decisions regarding any product by reducing the uncertainties which surrounds the decisions taken. There are mainly seven types of marketing research and all helps to maintain equity in business sector. As today are seeking for study in business sector hence they are taking marketing research case study assignment help to clear their doubts. The best type of marketing research is quantitative research method.

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