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Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing as the business sector uses internet for marketing. It is purely based on technology and helps business sector in promoting products. The management use gadgets like desktop computers, laptops, mobiles and other digital media to promote the commodity. They provide different digital platforms which helps in the promotion of products. The digital platform also needs professionals as many other fields need because there are also some risk-factors. Hence students are also learning more about digital marketing and pursuing career in that field. But sometimes due to hectic schedule they cannot complete their assignments and hence our digital marketing case study assignment help service is here to promote help.

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The best way to show how our experts for digital marketing case study assignment help is to check the work done by our expert written for similar type case:

Best-selling phone

As shown in the table below, W_KAY (A) appears to be the best-selling phone in the round six sales comparison of all phones from the Team Red. Additionally, it is also the best-selling phone across all six rounds of the game, with a total of 3,381k units sold in Asia market.

Diving deep into what might be the reasons why this phone sold the most and was the best performing phone, we found the following insights:

The site through which the mobile was sold was very user-friendly and optimized. Adding to that the site worked perfectly both in mobiles and in tablets leading to a boost in smooth flow of traffic

We also see that majority of the sales came in Rounds 4,5 and 6.

Next we look into the choice of target market and selling strategy and see that Red team performed specially well in the Asian Market where incidentally W_KAY (A) is the best-selling phone. Thus, it can be attributed to a sound Marketing Strategy, Segmentation and Positioning and a good understanding of the 4Ps of Marketing.

In the above snippet, we see that the households account for the majority of the sales for most of the teams, but the percentage of households among the total sales is the highest for Team Red and W_KAY(A). This again re-enforces our observation that target market, reach, penetration and positioning of the phone was extremely crucial in the already tech-savvy Asian market to achieve such a tremendous margin and unit sales. This was a joint effort of Proper Marketing Strategy being implemented couple with state-of-the-art technology being deployed.

Worst-selling phone

From the set of 4 phones that were sent into the market, W_KAY (K) sold the least amount It was primarily deployed in the European market. One of the most shocking observations that one can reflect upon at a glance is that the sales of the phone has decreased over the rounds whereas in contrary the sales of competition phones has increased drastically. This is seen in the snippet given below

Research and Analysis is an extremely crucial part for a technology dependant gadget to be successful in an advanced market like Europe. Due to poor research findings and analysis (incorrect insights gathered about market size, ignore consumer preference and trends, the team also failed to analyse competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, chosen market segment with severe competition)

The phone performed so badly, that it infact did not even feature in the top 8 selling smartphones in Europe as can be seen from the above figure.

Another reason for the phone to be failing in the European market could be the fact that people in Europe are holding onto their phones much more before moving on to a new product. This increase in Replacement Cycle could be major consideration that was missed by the team while formulating the selling strategy.

Share price ranking by end of Round 6

A gist of the share price result is given below to start off the analysis:

From the above summary, we see that in each round, team red was ahead in share price than the average, however the difference widened drastically in the later rounds. That being said, the share price of team Red was not the highest, it was close none the less.

Screen grabs of Gross Profit and Operating Profit are also given for reference.

Growth trajectory of the share price is given next

What comes under digital marketing study assignment help?

Digital marketing is today taking a shape of career orientation in today’s world. Hence students are learning more and more about this field. Digital marketing is broadly divided into eight parts. These all parts plays specific role in developing promotion activities in business sector. It helps business sector to tailor their message to consumers and making easier path for direct connection with consumers. This unit has helps industries in revolution and make them modernised. In all these the most important is social media marketing. The digital marketing case study assignment help students to promote assignments and projects.

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