What is Integrated Marketing and Communication Case Study Assignment Help?

Today the practice of communication has become highly complex and this can be because of social media or because of communication. This unit is important for companies, as they promote their brands well along the end-users not only to outshine competitors but it also survives in the long-run. All the brand promotion increases awareness of products and services and also helps in increasing their sales which helps in high profits and revenue for the organizations. Students are taking integrated marketing and communication case study assignment help to enhance their career in business sector. In this unit all the marketing communication works together for increasing the sales and maximum cost effectiveness.

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According to the study social networking for young people is a means of exposure to two main influences related to alcohol consumption offline: peer alcohol behavior and alcohol advertisement (Barry et al., 2018 pp 1). Alcohol scientists have started to quantify addiction to, and impacts on the quality of alcohol and have worked into the advancement of social network intervention systems. However, it is not well known how social networking exposure can be comparable to, different to, or strengthening of offline peers. Teenagers and young adults probably see material shared by friends and newer consumers on these pages. However, research activities have held pace with updates to Facebook and Twitter on prominent social networking sites. A variety of studies have found that social networking and advertising about alcohol increases the likelihood of adolescents to indulge into alcohol consumption

The study of NISTOR, (2018 pp. 1), shows that social media is creating a “wave” in business as well as in marketing. In comparison, online risk habits in peer groups may be shown since offline peer groups also record identical behaviour. Adolescents, therefore, have a higher chance of showing sexual activity references if a peer has identical references. Finally, alcohol references were rendered offline for alcohol activity because older teens whose Facebook messages indicate drinking behaviour issues are more likely to be “at danger”.

Researchers also began to look at Twitter material relating to alcohol, which gives a prompter reflection of behaviour. The scale of the usage of social networks to address alcohol in real-time has consequences for monitoring and interference. “Previous research Twitter as well as FaceBook should take permission from the user before posting any advertisement”(NISTOR, 2018, pp 134). Researchers have analyzed the keywords of more than five million tweets of users who have been chosen to reflect the US populace geographically, who are associated with the term “drunk.” The researchers find that tweets relating to poisoning peaking in the local time zone between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. were more common on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition, during New Year’s holiday weekend, the percentage of tweets associated with poisoning was 0.53% relative to 0.40% during non-holiday weekends. These results are aligned with research that highlights the risks of alcohol concerns during vacation and other activities. “Social media is used by the corporate houses to make bond with the consumers but they should do it with a sense of social responsibility. Transparent communication can help in controlling the consumption of alcohol”(NISTOR, 2018 pp 135). Thus, the timing of tweets about alcohol comfortability at the community level coincides with the periods that the most serious and alcohol-related car accidents arise. Further analysis is required to explore these results and to test if tweets of beverages on toxicity and drunk driving are connected to unsafe drinking habits on a personal basis.

What comes under integrated marketing and communication case study assignment help?

Under this topic the most important component is brand communication, it is the first step taken by institutes to make their products and service more popular among the consumers. This unit helps to mix all the units of marketing to work together in consistency which helps to promote or service efficiently among the consumers. There are mostly 5 types of integrated marketing and communication. These are also known as five tools of marketing. These all tools have string strategic values which helps in better communication avenues has allowed it to maintain effectiveness and usefulness in audience. The integrated marketing and communication case study assignment help provides different knowledge on different sectors of this unit.

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