What is HRM Case Study Assignment Help?

HRM defines to human resource management system, it helps to determine the strategy and approach for the effective and efficient management of people in an office or organization. The strategies are such that it helps the business to gain profit and it will help in competitive advantages. This unit helps employees to maximize the performance of employees which helps in the development of organization. This unit helps in recruiting, managing and firing of the employees. It helps to focus on the function and working of employees. This unit helps to ensure best environment for employees and rewarding them best performance in the organization. The HRM case study assignment help service help the students of business class to understand the topics clearly.

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Channels for attracting candidates

The Venetian Macao is one of the very well known companies and due to the global pandemic it is facing financial challenges and this is the reason why the company needs to attract more customers by enhancing its visual merchandising section. For doing so the company is planning to recruit a new general manager. The concerned company needs to attract large number of candidates in order to evaluate their competencies and finally select the best among them. The following section highlights some of the most important channels that might help the Venetian Macao to attract more candidates.

Website of the company

It has been noted that the first interaction that a company has with the potential employee is through its website. Hence, it is essential for the concerned company to include the company culture as well as the mission and vision as well as the goals and objectives within the website so that the employees can a wider idea of the same (Adeosun & Ohiani, 2020).

Mobile friendly career page

Most often it is found that several candidates miss applying for any position because of the mobile unfriendly career page. Hence, The Venetian Macao should make its career page mobile friendly for attracting more candidates.

Social media

From the suggestion of Simion et al. (2021), it can be stated that social media in the present times is considered as the most invaluable tool for reaching out top candidates and attracting them at the same time. Hence, The Venetian Macao must develop a social media page and before that it should research about the type of audience it wants to attract and the social media is used by them as suggested by Calderón-Valencia, Cavazos-Arroyo & Lira-Arjona (2021) in their article.

Methods of testing

The process of testing and selection include evaluation and measuring of the abilities and skills in a worker which are decided as most essential for the candidates during the job analysis. Shahani (2020) stated that employment testing and selection in other words can be described as the process that helps a company evaluate the success of the employees for a specific position. For instance, there are different types of testing methods for the modern workforces and among them one such test is the psychological screening, which helps in identifying the employee with the most desirable as well as undesirable personality traits.

The following section highlights some of the methods that might be considered by The Venetian Macao for testing and selecting employees.

Aptitude test: This is the test that helps a company to understand the ability of any candidate where he or she can learn new things when after adequate training is provided to them. Additionally, aptitude test can be base of mental and general ability of the candidates (Greer, 2021).

Achievement test: This is the test that is conducted by the companies when the candidate claims to know something. Therefore, this test helps the companies identify how experience is the candidate in his or her chosen field.

Situational test: Amrutha & Geetha (2020), indicated that situational analysis can be described as the test that puts a candidate in a real life situation for coping up or solving a critical situation within the job.Hence, this test helps the companies to understand how capable an employee in handling critical situations is.

What comes under hrm study assignment help?

Human resource management is actually for utilizing the skilled workers for the development of the organization. And also it helps to make best utilization of the skilled workforce that are available in the organization. Today HRM case study assignment help expert expect that machines and technology is replacing human resource and minimizing their work. But in actual these are machine are made by human to reduce their work load. This is the reason today companies are always in the search of talented and skilled professional to operate their machines and techniques. The human are actually the important asset for any company or organization.

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