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This is the process of making decisions by gathering information and accessing all the information collected by data. The managers use step by step decision-making process which helps to make more deliberate and thoughtful decisions. This approach increases the chance of more satisfaction by alternative possible. The first step is to identify the decision, the manager should try to define the nature of decision they make. Collection of some permanent and real information which can support the decision in positive way is important as well. The decision making case study assignment help expert provides all alternative that can be provided other than the actual decision.

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According to Hall (2006), a systematic process analysis requires a statistical procedure to be performed step-by-step in order to get a detailed picture of the process. To conclude that the server error and other technical errors causing the delay, we need to perform specific statistical tests to check the relationship between these two parameters. The action of doing a review and acquiring knowledge of business processes is known as process analysis. It entails examining the elements of a process, such as inputs, outputs, procedures, controls, actors, applications, data, and technology, and their relationships to achieve outcomes. The evaluation of time, cost, capacity, and quality of processes, as well as the ability to use static or dynamic visual models of the process, data collection from the start to the finish of activities, value chain analysis, end-to-end modeling, and functional decomposition, are all part of the analysis. We take a regression approach to first check the relationship between the server error and technical; error with the delivery agent delay.

Scatter-plot of the two parameters:

Scatter plots are similar to line graphs in that they exhibit data points on horizontal and vertical axes. They do, however, serve a very specialized role. Scatter plots depict how one variable influences another. Correlation is the term used to describe the relationship between two variables. To measure the actual relationship between the two variables, the company focused on the December month data as there were a lot of server errors observed in that period due to saturated orders. As the new year was approaching, people flooded the app with high orders and created heavy traffic across the server. To check the effect of server error, a data analysis team is assigned to separate out the different types of errors and visualize them. The team has extracted the daily server errors from the data and create a line graph to show the error analysis for 32 days in the month of December-2018.

Figure 1 Server errors in Dec-2018

Figure 2 Relationship of server errors with agent delay

It has been observed that the error count lies in the range of 1 to 7 in each day and the analysis team proposes the I.T. team to look into the matter carefully. The graph below illustrates the relationship between the server error and the agent delay.

The correlation analysis suggests that the two parameters are highly correlated with the parameter coefficient of 0.89. This helps us to conclude that the server error is causing the agent delay. However, we can’t conclude that this is the only cause of the delay. Sometimes the Agent may deliberately delay, or the restaurant is using the delay time to shadow its own incapability of serving the customers.

The data below is given for the above graph, which shows the relationship between the two variables.

Table 1 Data for server errors leading to delivery delay

DayNumber of server errorsDelivery Agent Delay (in hrs.)

What comes under decision making study assignment help?

More than thousand major colleges are providing knowledge on decision making cases to make their personal and professional life successful. They provide studies regarding how students can improve their decision like firstly managers have analyse all the strong points that need to take decision and then they can take time to take the decision. Time is very important in this sector. The manager should consider all the pros and cons of that decision and by past experience they should follow the guidelines. All these points helps managers to take best decision in their corporate sector. The decision making case study assignment help service helps to promote students in this sector.

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