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Business strategy is the most important topic of business sector. This helps to understand the strategy of working in the best possible way. It helps to develop the skill to drive the business decisions and craft successful strategy to run the business. Our website of business strategy case study assignment help provide dynamic strategy to help students to take best decisions regarding business strategy. There are four types of business strategy which helps a company to develop and grow more. These are corporate strategy, functional strategy, operating strategy and business strategy. This unit of business strategy is very important to understand the strength and weakness of the company.

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Executive Summary

Macy’s Inc has been the oldest department stores in the United States, owning more than 850 department stores. As of now, the competition within the industry has been increasing tremendously, and through this paper, we attempt to understand and analyse the competition and the performance of Macy’s. Various factors considered in this paper are the vision/mission on which the company operates, and the current as well as the future recommended strategies the company plans to operate on, so as to sustain in the rough competition. Another dimension discussed in this paper is the financial analyses, on how the firm has been operating and surviving in the recent years.

BCG Matrix analysis and IE matrix analysis, along with other tools indicate that the women’s section is the most profiting division for the industry, specially for Macy’s and that it has been adopting aggressive strategy in this division as well. Not far behind, the Men’s division is slowly gaining speed, and can be soon considered for the aggressive strategy.

Various recommended strategies involve expansion in the global markets using AI enabled technology, and playing on the diversity roll, which would help it find the strength from the weakness, and allow it to make its threat an opportunity. The same has been discussed in detail in the SWOT Analysis of the case.

Perceptual maps, based on the ratings from the customers are also included. Where the company records show good performance, the perceptual maps indicate that people are not so happy with the company because of the higher price as well as have reduced satisfaction. However, the financials indicate the growth in the company’s market share, which may be due to increase in the number of stores. Also, the strategies recommended and currently in place revolves around customers, so there may be chances of change in the perceptual maps ratings in the near future.


Macy’s provides a quite lengthy vision statement on their website, but no mission statement. At the corporate website, simply click on About Us then click on Corporate Vision. Unhappy with the vision and lack of mission, someone once proposed a mission statement for Macy’s as follows:

At Macy’s, we aspire to provide our worldwide shoppers an experience that gives them the confidence to be the best version of themselves. Whether utilizing the unsurpassed expertise of our employees in store, or shopping on-line, we want to provide our customers with open and honest communication while they shop for clothing and accessories that makes them life-long members of our family.

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By understand each and every aspect of their own company employees can get a system of capitalization and ideas to improve the weaker aspect of the company. This unit ensures every unit to be planned and working for more efficiency and betterment of company. A solid team and major finances helps to grow the company successfully. Every company has different goals and they opt for different strategy. It is the business strategy which differentiates successful organizations from have been organizations. This unit provides a vision to their managers to see their company in the best position with best strategy.

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