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Business strategy is the most important topic of business sector. This helps to understand the strategy of working in the best possible way. It helps to develop the skill to drive the business decisions and craft successful strategy to run the business. Our website of business strategy case study assignment help provide dynamic strategy to help students to take best decisions regarding business strategy. There are four types of business strategy which helps a company to develop and grow more. These are corporate strategy, functional strategy, operating strategy and business strategy. This unit of business strategy is very important to understand the strength and weakness of the company.

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Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis is one of the most important aspect of strategic management that provides in-depth insights regarding a company’s macro-environment in the country where it is operational. Macro-environment analysis is vital for any company as it impacts the business process and decision making of the organization in more than one ways. Hence, in order to understand the macro-environment of the Toyota India, it is important to assess the vital macro-environmental factors that impacts the busienss operations and decision making process of the organization in India. As we have mentioned that the three major macro-environment factors that are impacting the busienss operations of the Toyota India are economic, political and social factors (Strickland, 2003). Moreover, these factors are presenting both opportunities and threats for the Toyota India.

Political Factors- Stable political conditions, free trade agreements and supportive governmental policies are there of the opportunities that a favorable political factors can provide to the businesses. In regards to India, the current political conditions in country is highly stable with the government focusing on making the country self-reliant in terms of its manufacturing and exporting capabilities. This effectively presents a good opportunity for Toyota to invest further in country to scale up its production and make completely build units in the country. The trade agreements between Japan and India are also highly supportive for the Toyota India. However, with policies framing in the wake of self-reliant India, the focus is now on companies that like to manufacture the products completely in India and sell it under make in India label. This effectively could create some issues for the Toyota India (Arnold, 2020).

Economic Factors The rapid growth of India as a developing country is a massive opportunity for Toyota India in terms of using it as a platform to begin its global operations from India. The availability of cheap labor is another important opportunity for the company to achieve cost-effectiveness in terms of their production as the company has always eyes for creating high value for its customers. Moreover, in order to support the businesses, the fiscal policy of the country is also highly supportive in terms of unchanged interest rates and FDIs. However, the rising tax rates is a major concern for the Toyota India as the company has stated that in the wake of high tax regimes, it will not scale up its investment and production in country and which can be massive blow to the country’s self-reliant programs. This could acts as a threat to the company in long term in regards to their profit margins and sales revenues (Arnold, 2020).

Social Factors The socio-cultural dynamics in India is changing very fast and with rise in income levels, cars become a necessary things for households. However, the demand has increased in the small car segment and this is where Toyota is lacking in India as they have scrapped all its small cars in recent times. But with rising interest in hybrid and electric cars, Toyota must see this as an opportunity to provide more products that satisfy customers’ increasing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles. However, the company must consider the widening wealth gap, which is a threat because it corresponds to a declining middle class. The middle class is the main revenue source of Toyota (Arnold, 2020).

These are three major macro-economic factors that effectively will impact the business operations of the company in India. However, there are ample opportunities also for the company in form of enhancing its product portfolio, working in tandem with the government and the growth rate of the country. It is important that Toyota ceases on these opportunities using their strengths .

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By understand each and every aspect of their own company employees can get a system of capitalization and ideas to improve the weaker aspect of the company. This unit ensures every unit to be planned and working for more efficiency and betterment of company. A solid team and major finances helps to grow the company successfully. Every company has different goals and they opt for different strategy. It is the business strategy which differentiates successful organizations from have been organizations. This unit provides a vision to their managers to see their company in the best position with best strategy.

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